What’s Cooking for PGP’s 4th Annual Bake Sale

Like victory gardens, bake sales have a pretty grand history when it comes to bringing communities together, raising money for projects from school programs to, let’s say, city vegetable gardens. But beyond the history, it’s just awesome to buy a really tasty treat made by a neighbor to support a great cause.

                                                                 (Chocolate chip cookies courtesy of Christina Bello)

For this year’s Plant and Bake Sale May 15-17, members of our own community are donning their aprons and chef hats, pulling out the muffin tins and canning jars, and cooking up some incredible treats both sweet and savory. Of course bake sale classics—brownies, cupcakes (including extra awesome mini-cupcakes courtesy of Molly’s Cupcakes!), chocolate chip cookies, berry pies—will make an appearance. You can also expect to find some unique twists on the classics too, including several gluten-free and vegan options. And thanks to the unique talents of the Chicago Food Swap community, for the first time there will be delicious jams, preserves, and perhaps a pickle or two!

Many of us love to cook and bake for our family and friends, and there are few things more satisfying than watching smiles spread across faces as a plate of cookies makes its way around a room. That feeling isn’t all that different from the joy of sharing your garden bounty—even if dropping off an anonymous bag of zucchini on your neighbor’s doorstep feels like a blessing come mid-summer.

Interested in using your culinary skills and donating something for the sale? Send an email to Christina at [email protected] for more information.

Can’t wait until the sale to get your sweets fix? Try this recipe for a fantastic chocolate chip cookie.