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What You Can Compost From Your Garden Plot by Keith Hendrix

Traditionally compostables come from your kitchen like leftovers and vegetable ends, rinds and husks, but you can also compost a great deal directly from your garden plot. From the plot you can compost plant roots, stalks, stems, vines and leaves. You can definitely compost pulled weeds and over-ripe vegetables.

The simple process is taking home a pail or bag of compostables when you water and harvest instead of tossing them in the trash or alley dumpsters. Cut the large items down to size with your trowel or snippers. Make better use of kitchen scraps and vegetables by adding them to your garden plot compostables at home. Your home compost stream will be satisfactorily balanced by the brown, drier items from your plot. You can even dry out your plot compostables for a few days before taking them home. Avoid composting blighted, moldy or diseased plant matter. Gather plot detritus, weeds or leaves into your pail. Chemical pesticide treated compostables are not desirable and should also be avoided, but you can add bugs if you know they are not coated in un-natural pesticides.

Don’t have a composter at home? Perhaps there is a shared compost bin at a local school, ecology center or friend’s house on your way home from the garden? But now is a good time to buy a composter if you are a Chicago resident. See the Chicago Sustainable Backyard’s program website for a $50 rebate and compost information:


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