What To Plant Now

This month fast-growing, cool-weather crops such as bok choy, radishes, broccoli raab (rapini), spinach, lettuce, and arugula are ready to harvest. While spinach, arugula, and some varieties of lettuce are considered ‘cut-and-come-again’ (meaning you can collect multiple harvests from the same plant over a period of time), bok choy, radishes, and rapini are harvested as the whole plant, leaving some open spaces in the garden.


Today’s final spring harvest of radishes, spinach, and lettuce make way for a second planting of carrots, as well as bush beans, nasturtium, and zucchini.

If these were planted near seedlings that will soon become much larger, such as brussels sprouts or tomatoes, it’s a good idea to leave that space open to allow for growth. If your plants are beginning to bolt, go ahead and remove them unless you want to save them for seed. Don’t forget, flowers of bok choy, arugula, and rapini are edible!

If the removal of your cool-weather crops leaves a significant gap, here are some things to plant in place:

bush summer squash (compact growth will fit in a 4-square foot area)
bush beans (no trellis needed)

seedlings (it’s not too late, plant right now!):