What Else Goes On In a Community Garden

It’s not just tomatoes and bees anymore.

Been to the movies lately? Because sometimes community gardens, like PGP’s Hello!Howard Garden, show them on their sites. Free.


How about lunch. Do you like lunch? Come to a PGP Garden Social and it’s entirely possible you’ll get fed by Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Gardens are places for positive energy. Like the energy created with a Drum Circle.


Do you wish you could meet more neighbors? Green chats, work days (or Tend and Friend, as we like to call them), garden tours, neighborhood fairs.

As we’ve said before, community gardens are almost more about community than they are about gardening; especially with large sites like PGP’s Hello!Howard, Global Gardens, Vedgewater and Land on Lincoln, there’s plenty of space for high school service learning groups, business volunteer days, and school visits.

What else do you do in your community garden?