We’re Starting a Cookbook Club Potluck!

Art of Simple Food

Why Now?

We believe food is a common language that can bring us together as a community. What better way to come together than around a table of delicious homemade food in our Community Cooking School? Our first meeting is February 23, sign up!

What’s a Cookbook Club?

Mash up all the best parts of a dinner party (delicious food, great company, not trying to split a restaurant check six ways) with a potluck (an excuse to cook recipes you’ve always wanted to try; sharing tips and recipes; trying lots of new dishes) and a book club (reading and discussing a new book) and you get the idea. Add in that stack of beautiful cookbooks you always mean to use…and a cookbook club is born!

How Does it Work?

  • After registering, you’ll receive a link to a Google doc to add:
    • the name of the recipe you’re planning to make
    • if oven or stove space is needed for reheating
  • We each make our chosen recipe and bring it to the meeting. (As much as possible, we stick to the recipe as written–no need to double recipes or change serving sizes.)
  • We meet, we eat, we drink (BYO). We talk about the recipes we made, what worked and what didn’t, what other recipes we want to try (or have tried).
  • At the end of each meeting, we pick a cookbook for the next meeting.

The Art of Simple Food II 

Alice Waters is an icon of the local, sustainable food movement, and we’re excited to cook from The Art of Simple Food II for our first selection! This book offers plenty of delicious recipes to try, plus lots of information about how to grow your own edibles in whatever space you have available (handy if you’re starting to plan this year’s garden!).

No need to buy the book–Chicago Public Library has several copies available.