VOW’s 2014

We like to celebrate our volunteers, as they are the very core of what makes our project successful. As a small thank you, each Volunteer of the Week (VOW) of 2014 had a chance to select three packets of seeds (Renee’s Dinner Garden or Seed Savers Exchange) from Matty K’s Hardware – our local hardware store- on the house! Over the past year, we highlighted some truly great volunteers; all of whom help PGP tick and to whom we are truly grateful! Here is a list of our 2014 VOWs. Thank you for all that you do.

Erin King, Nan Rothrock, Josephine McEntee, Tracey Dobson, Jessica Reimer, Ashley Luciani, Yvette Holt, Christine Skaggs, Anna Kong, Curtis Irby, Lin Prucher, Lindsay Jacobson, Pauline Roth, Debbie Sheriff, Cid Stanford, and Jenn Peterson.