Emily Fishbein

We praise the big milestones our gardens go through, and the individuals who helps make them happen! This series of posts is to give shout outs to the unsung heroes that make those milestones happen. JFK said, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” And these people not only try, they do – remarkably and repeatedly – make a difference in ways big and small.

Through October 15, we are celebrating the individuals who make your garden a success and make Peterson Garden Project work. Each week, we’ll tell the story of one of our amazing volunteers. And, as a small thank you, they will be able to pick out a pair of wonderful Wells-Lamont gloves from Matty K’s – our local hardware store.

This week we would like to recognize Emily Fishbein! Emily stopped in the garden to help out with a clean-up day one afternoon while walking down the street, and has been volunteering with us ever since. We sure are lucky that she decided to join us that day, and we’re so happy to have her around! Emily, stop in to Matty K’s for a well-deserved pair of free gloves for being so awesome!