Tomato POW(d)ER!

Tomato Preservation: Easy Homemade Tomato Powder

Running out of ways to preserve your tomatoes? Canning and freezing are good options, but can take up space in your cabinet or freezer that you may not have this late in the season. Another easy way to bottle the fresh garden flavor your tomatoes is by dehydrating them in your oven, and grinding them into a powder. This method is very easy, and does not require a fancy dehydrator (unless you have one, then by all means use it!). Tomato powder can be used to flavor just about anything; sprinkle it on popcorn, knead it into bread dough, toss with a little olive oil and herbs on pasta, or even mix with water to reconstitute for a quick pizza sauce. It will add a burst of zesty tomato flavor to any dish whenever you want to be reminded of those warm summer days.
Tomato Powder
What You’ll Need:
Serrated Knife & Cutting Board
Baking Sheet
Parchment Paper or Silicon Mat
Spice Grinder
Step 1: Wash your fresh tomatoes (If you are using store bought tomatoes, make sure they are in season, for the best flavor). Paste or Cherry tomatoes work best, but any delicious tomatoes will do!
An assortment of tomatoes from Lindsay's garden

An assortment of tomatoes from Lindsay’s garden

Step 2. Slice tomatoes in 1/4 ” slices with a serrated knife, and scrape out the seeds and gelatinous inside part (you can choose to save the seeds at this point!)
Step 3. Arrange tomato slices on a baking sheet lined with a silicon mat or parchment paper. You can place them close together, just make sure they are not touching.
Step 4. Set your oven to the LOWEST possible temperature (200 degrees is the ideal temperature). If your oven only goes down to 250 degrees, then simply prop the door open with a wooden spoon to decrease the temperature while dehydrating.
Step 5. Place the baking sheet in the middle rack of the oven, and dehydrate for 5-6 hours. Check back periodically to see if the tomatoes have dried fully. You are looking for the texture of a potato chip. Once this texture has been achieved, take the pan out and let cool.
Dried tomato slices

Dried tomato slices

Step 6. Place the dehydrated tomato chips in a spice grinder, and pulse until they make a fine powder. Store in a spice jar at room temperature. Will stay fresh for up to a year.
Tomato powder!

Tomato powder!