Kris Pierre: Thankful Thursday

LaManda Joy first met Kris Pierre through the North River Commission.  It was Kris, Director of Student Affairs at Northeastern Illinois University on Chicago’s northwest side, who told LaManda about “Reimagining Food,” their all-campus project to address food issues in the curriculum, the community, and in the lives of the students.

Kris P with burritos

And the campus was once the site of the largest World War II Victory Garden in the nation. This was a project that was meant to happen.

Kris has been instrumental in the creation of NEIU-Ground (pronounced “new ground”) Garden at the southeast end of campus, on top of the old tennis courts.  Her creativity, energy and enthusiasm have brought in at least 50 gardeners from on campus. She’s a resource and an inspiration.

And she shovels a mean pile of dirt.