Surprise, Surprise! Montrose Green Pop-up Victory Garden #2

We opened registration on April 2 for our five new Pop-up Victory Gardens. Within 24 hours the “smallest” of our gardens was full. And there was a waiting list. And a clamoring demand for more plots.

This caused some head scratching. I had always suspected that the closer we got to Lake Michigan the more interest we would have due to the population density. Montrose Green proved that point quickly and clearly. After some calculating we determined if we used a slightly smaller bed size in this garden we could squeeze 20 more gardeners in. And we could also reuse (up-cycle!) our beds from the Peterson/Campbell garden (which is soon to become the site of a health clinic for Asian Human Services – our generous hosts for the past two summers.)

Yesterday at 8:30am I was standing in our Peterson/Campbell garden reminiscing about when we built it in the spring of 2010. How I’d be out there talking to the neighbors about this crazy idea to put in a revival Victory Garden. Those that didn’t think I was a lunatic joined in to help – it was a lot of work but we got it done and the word spread over the next two years. I was expecting the same thing yesterday morning but by 9:15 we had over 20 volunteers ready to move beds, a truck driver in a big Uhaul and lots of smiling faces ready to be part of a Victory Garden revival.

With just the morning shift we were able to move 100 beds to the “popular” garden – Montrose Green and another 20 to Vedgewater (almost as popular). The afternoon shift got their time back. Such a difference from 2010 when a few of us did so much work and had to do so much explaining about what a Victory Garden was and why it was important. I have to admit, my cohorts on the leadership team and I were amazed and proud to be at this place with so many interested people also ready and willing to work together to make a difference.

It will be nice to have our original beds put to good use in these new gardens. And, with the surprising demand for Montrose, and all of the gardens really, it is fun to think of moving these beds to other gardens two or three years from now when more Pop-up Victory Gardens are required.