Music in the Gardens

Musician Brian Eno says creating music is like being a gardener: “One is making a kind of music in the way that one might make a garden. One is carefully constructing seeds, or finding seeds, carefully planting them and then letting them have their life. And that life isn’t necessarily exactly what you’d envisaged for them.”

Music in the Gardens is a free monthly concert at each of PGP’s larger gardens from June through mid-September. Members and neighbors alike gather to picnic, to enjoy the music and to get their gardening questions answered.

Music in the garden

As Brian Eno says, with live music or live plants, you don’t always get what you expected.

Last July about 30 people were gathered at a Music and Master Gardeners event at the Peterson Garden Project site known as Land on Lincoln. The musician was a local master of Chinese dulcimer. One of the gardeners there for the music was helping the gardeners at one plot when she realized that their squash was infested with a common pest called squash vine borer. Triumphantly carrying the infected plant to the community area of the garden, everyone, including the musician, gathered for an impromptu class in how to get rid of it. Turned out the musician had this bug in his own squash, at his home garden.

M&MG-another band

Music and gardens seem to be a natural fit, from big festivals like Ravinia to a few friends singing on a flower-filled porch. Join Peterson Garden Project on the last Thursday of the month (the details will be posted here about two weeks before each event, or Google “music in gardens” to find events near you.