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Meet the Block Captains

Our project is a community-based volunteer effort and to make it work on a large scale, many teams of people lend their talents and passions to various projects throughout the year.

Each garden has a team of three to five block captains that help each other manage their garden with the support of the Peterson Garden Project leadership team. Block captain teams also support garden-related projects from volunteer activities to events to clean-up days, tours, and more.

These lovely people all volunteer their time and effort to help keep your garden running smoothly. We could not do what we do without them. So when you see them in the garden, say “thank you” and give them a hug. They’re one of the many reasons why Peterson Garden Project works.

Let’s meet your 2013 block captains!

Land on Lincoln

Leah Ray







Ellen Youniss





Anne Wiley





Paul DeNeui







Andrea Crain







Michaelyn Corbett







Craig Curry






Stacie Gorecki






Andy Sigman






Marcia Mahoney (not pictured)

Montrose Green

Lindsay Shepherd







Elizabeth Wenscott (not pictured)

Lisa Hish







Jen Berman






Maribeth Heeran





Kelly Hewitt (not pictured)


Amy Kozy






Jim Javenkoski






Liz Farina-Markel







Leah Lawson (not pictured)


Megan Shelby







Shelly Fuerte






Brian Bonanno (not pictured)


Jenise Celestin






Darcy Trier (not pictured)