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Honoring Diversity on Independence Day

As many of us celebrate Independence Day with family and friends today, we wanted to honor the diversity that makes our community special – a community in which immigrants, refugees, and their families have always, and will always, be an integral part.

Food connects us, neighbor to neighbor – whether that’s learning about a different gardening technique or a new vegetable, sharing a meal together, or simply welcoming each other as we plant and grow side by side. You’ve seen the sign at the entrance to your garden, but it bears repeating: “Hate Has No Home Here.” Hate will never have a place anywhere in the PGP community.

You can help share that message by supporting programs and partnerships that PGP offers to the community – programs like cooking classes for adult refugees with Heartland Alliance, Grow2Give food donations to local pantries, Feasts of Resistance classes for refugee girls with GirlForward, and garden member scholarships for anyone in need.

Thank you, today and every day, for being part of our shared commitment to keeping the gardens, kitchen, and community open and welcoming to everyone, regardless of nationality, citizenship, age, income, gender, sexuality, or religion – because everybody eats.>Have a safe and happy holiday!