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GrowUptown News & Updates

2.19.18 Notes on Community Meeting
Thanks to the lovely future GrowUptown gardeners who joined us at Heartland Alliance Health Center on Monday, February 19 for our community meeting!
We talked about the plans, and potential obstacles, for GrowUptown opening for 2018. We’re optimistic but feel transparency is always the best option.
Here’s the tentative plan:
  • Registration opens: TBD
  • April 10: Mandatory Orientation
  • Mid-April: Funds released from city, begin fencing and paving work (approximately six weeks)
  • Late May: Build and fill beds – volunteers needed
  • June 1: Garden Open (Tentative)
  • November 4: All gardens close for the season

Here are the potential obstacles:

  • Weather
  • Volunteers/community participation
  • Funding delays
  • Force Majeure

We’ll keep everyone updated as we learn more. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know! You can also follow us on Facebook.

Also, without hard working partners, projects like this could never happen. A quick thanks to those who have supported GrowUptown to date and in the future! We are grateful for you!

1.30.18   GrowUptown registration delayed
Yesterday we received unexpected information from the City of Chicago that will impact the start date for building GrowUptown. Until we can confirm when we can build the garden (and if we can get our members in for a reasonable length 2018 growing season), we are postponing registration for this garden.
  • Join us at the community meeting on February 19 and we will share what we know at that time. We will also post all updates on this page.
  • Returning gardeners who registered to move to GrowUptown, until this matter is clarified, we are moving you back to your original garden and plot. If you have questions about your previous garden or plot, please email [email protected] 
We will keep everyone updated as we learn more