Ald. Harry Osterman

We’re doubly thankful today, and saying it in person to Alderman Harry Osterman and the Chicago Park District for the Fearless Food Kitchen. 

When Ald. Osterman first told us about the kitchen, we thought he was joking. “Do you need a kitchen?” he asked LaManda in a meeting about Vedgewater Garden. “Sure, Harry,” LaManda said, “we’ll all come over to your house to cook.” “No really, I have a kitchen,” was his reply.

What a kitchen. A fully equipped teaching kitchen housed inside the Broadway Armory, the Fearless Food Kitchen will provide a venue for people of all ages and from all backgrounds to learn how to select, prepare, cook and preserve food.

With room for more than 40 people to participate in hands on food preparation classes (and many more for demonstrations and events), the Fearless Food Kitchen hopes to set a new standard for public food education in Chicago.

Join us for our very first Open House on May 29, from 6 – 8pm co-hosted by 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman. At this open house, guests will get sneak peek of what’s to come with this new project, and we will invite feedback and suggestions about what sorts of programming the public is interested in.

Thanks, Harry.