90% Community

The statistic in the title is a quote: “Community gardens are 10% garden and 90% community” (Pat Munts, Northwest Gardeners’ Handbook).

We have some quotes of our own:


“I lived and gardened in Rogers Park for 25 years and barely knew my neighbors, let alone another gardener. Now I walk into any Rogers Park event and I know ten people there.” –Hello!Howard gardener.

“I talk to everyone now! I can’t believe how many people I know because of PGP!” Breanne Heath, PGP Program Manger for Gardens and Education.

“We loved caring for a shared space, getting to know neighbors and talk (sic) about local issues.” – from the 2014 gardener survey.

Last year’s gardener survey was full of remarks about meeting neighbors, getting and giving advice, and “confidence knowing one’s not alone and bringing food and greenery to a busy street.”

Peterson Garden Project actively works to create community by working in each garden with other community organizations, through special events like movie nights, and by encouraging local volunteerism.

But most of the community happens like the vegetables: organically, when people come together for a common purpose like growing their own food.