2015 Plant Sale List!

We’re bringing back our best-selling heirloom favorites for the 2015 annual plant sale! We’ve added two hybrid tomatoes- selected for great taste and disease resistance- as well as an open-pollinated basil variety, ‘Eleonora’, which is more resistant to downy mildew than other basils.

Heirloom Tomatoes
Aunt Ruby’s German Green 
Eva Purple Ball
Green Zebra
Juane Flamme

Hybrid Tomatoes

Bouquet Dill
Eleonora Basil
Garlic Chives
Genovese Basil
German Chamomile
Giant of Italy Parsley
Greek Oregano
Green Culinary Sage
Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil
Purple Dark Opal Basil
Triple Curled Parsley

California Wonder
King of the North
Tolli’s Sweet Italian

Ancho Gigantea Poblano
Beaver Dam
Maule’s Red Hot

Florida High Bush
Listada de Gandia
Pingtung Long

Dwarf Blue Curled
Red Russian

Ground Cherry
Aunt Molly’s Sweet

Green Husk
Purple de Milpa

Don’t see your favorites listed? There’s still time to start your own seeds!

Where are the cucumber, zucchini and lettuce plants? We recommend planting these and many other seeds directly in the ground. Although you may see them for sale at other garden centers, in our experience we have noticed that when these seeds are planted directly into the soil, they tend to be much healthier and productive. Here’s what we’ll be offering in seed packets during the sale – these can be planted mid-May through late June:

Arugula – Organic
Asian Greens – Prize Choy
Beans – Dragon’s Tongue, Fin de Bagnol, Pencil Pod Golden Wax, Provider, Purple Pod Pole, Rattlesnake Pole, Scarlet Runner
Beets – Chioggia Organic, Bull’s Blood Organic, Burpee’s Golden Organic
Carrots – Dragon, Paris Market, Scarlet Nantes
Corn – Blue Jade Organic, Two Inch Strawberry Popcorn
Collards – Georgia Southern
Cucumbers – Bushy Organic, Snow’s Fancy
Edible Flowers – Calendula Mixture, Rostov Organic Sunflower, Starfire Signet Marigold, Tip Top Nasturtium
Herbs – Borage, Cilantro, Dill Bouquet Organic, Feverfew, Epazote Organic, Thai Basil
Lettuce – Bronze Arrowhead, Gold Rush, Green Oakleaf, Speckled, SSE Lettuce Mixture, Yugoslavian Red
Melon – Charentais Organic, Small Shining Light Watermelon Organic
Mustard – Myers Family Heirloom
Okra – Clemson Spineless
Rutabaga – Joan Organic
Summer Squash – Black Beauty, Golden Zucchini
Swiss Chard – Five Color Silverbeet
Turnip – Purple Top White Organic
Winter Squash – Waltham

We’re also offering a few seeds for succession planting! Most of these can be started in early July for a fall harvest:

Broccoli – DeCicco Organic, Romanesco
Cauliflower – Early Snowball
Cabbage – Copenhagen Market Organic
Spinach – America (start in early August for a fall harvest)
Swiss Chard, Mustard, Collard Greens, Carrots, Beets, Radishes and Lettuce can also be started mid-late summer for a second harvest!

Seed Potatoes – Certified Organic Purple Peruvian, Yukon Gold, Colorado Rose, Terra Rosa Fingerling, Bintje