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There’s a saying that “gardeners are generous people” and I’ve always thought it should say “gardens make generous people” instead. You must share when Mother Nature provides you with so much abundance – how could you possibly let all that hard work go to waste?

There’s a movement in our country for gardeners to share their bounty with those who have less. Groups like ampleharvest.org make it easy to donate extra food to local food and nutrition programs.

From the start we wanted to be generous. Our Grow2Give program provides hundreds of pounds of food every year to various food and nutrition programs. We started giving fresh produce to the CEDA Albany Park WIC year one. This year we’re still working with the Albany Park WIC office as well as Care for Real, Common Pantry, First Slice and Inspiration Kitchen.

Volunteer teams tend the Grow2Give plots in each garden, we provide the education and guidance (thanks to our talented leadership team member, Xan). Our goal this year was to grow a literal ton of produce for this program. With the record breaking heat we’re clocking in around 700 pounds this year… not bad, considering.

We’ve got some great ideas about an expanded Grow2Give program in 2013. Your vote to help us win $10k from Chase Community Giving can help make that plan happen.

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