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Gardens are slow. You can’t rush Mother Nature. Things grow at the pace they grow and all of us are part of the process.

Running a garden organization is often not slow – when spring hits it’s all hands on deck to build new gardens, register and orient people, teach them how to garden. And things don’t really slow down until we close the gardens for winter. Even then, during the “dark days,” we’re planning for the next year.

Just like the “block captains” of WW2, who organized the thousands of community gardens across Chicago, we have our own corps of volunteers who do the “behind-the-scenes” work to make the Peterson Garden Project operate year round. And did I mention that every single one of them is unpaid? Yes, we all do it because we believe our mission is important.

The majority have been with us since the beginning. That’s why I can say “us” and not “me” and why I have the pleasure of asking you to help “us” fund organizational growth for another year. This team of talented, hard working leaders stepped up within the first month of the garden’s genesis. Lester, owner of Looseleaf Lounge, was the first person to send an email saying he wanted to help and he’s been there with his wonderful optimism, since almost day one. Xan, owner of Juno Consulting, found us via Twitter. She volunteered immediately to help us raise funds and lead our Grow2Give program. Lindsay, a talented dancer and pastry chef at The Bristol, became our volunteer coordinator. Her smile can light up a room… there are other equally wonderful people whose contributions have been invaluable to bringing our project to where it is today (you can learn more about them by reading other posts on this blog). And there’s the hundreds of gardeners and neighbors that have built the gardens, shoveled soil, pulled weeds and laughed together over the years because they believe food gardening and community is important (you can read about some of them here too!)

We’re all in this together for positive change for our communities. Some from the beginning and into the future… Some for one season. Please join us with a small commitment today– VOTE. The dollars we can receive from Chase Community Giving mean more opportunity for thousands of people to enjoy the lessons Mother Nature have to share with us. And build lasting friendships in the process.

VOTE HERE: http://j.mp/ChaseGivingPGP and please tell your friends. A little commitment can go a long way…