Do you have chives in your garden? It’s harvest time! Chives are a member of the onion (allium) family and grow perennially (they come back year-to-year). Often chives are one of the first signs of spring as they can tolerate cold weather and, if you planted them last year, they’ll come up when they are ready!
To harvest chives, you can cut the outer stems at the bottom with scissors or a knife, and add to a variety of dishes for mild onion flavor and vitamins A and K. Harvest up to a third of the plant at a time so there is enough energy to generate new growth, and you’ll have chives for the rest of the season!
Recipe ideas:
  • Toss chopped chives in with your scrambled eggs or omelets
  • Sprinkle on top of a baked potato for a pop of flavor
  • Throw the purple chive flowers into a salad as a substitute for onions- they’ve got a great mild onion flavor!
  • Toss a handful of chopped chives into cornbread, muffin, pancake, or scone batter before baking to make a savory treat
  • Try substituting chives for basil , and ricotta for Parmesan cheese in your favorite pesto recipe for an onion-y twist on classic pesto!