What Do Kids Need in the Kitchen?

Your kitchen probably already has everything you need to make great meals with your kids and grandkids. We discovered that we didn’t really need a lot of specialty items to get the Community Cooking School “kid-ready.” Here’s some of the things that will help your kids have a great time cooking at home:

11836820_10156064473735057_8343838276281414823_n(Our first class!)

Especially younger kids will love to have “ownership” of their cooking time. A child-sized chef’s apron is a great idea, plus it keeps the tomato sauce off the shirt. A slightly oversized old T-shirt works just as well, however.

Kids are short. Get a sturdy bench for them to stand on, especially for tasks like measuring, pouring, and cutting, where mess and safety are an issue. You’ll want a bench or step stool that raises a child so that they can comfortably rest their hands on a counter without having to lift them. Stand at your own kitchen counter and see where it hits you—your child should be at about the same relative height.

IMG_2820(Building platforms for kids to stand on)

Rather than heavy glass or ceramic measuring cups, pitchers, and bowls, think about getting lighter weight plastic ones. These are widely available, from Target, to even places like CVS.

Back to mess
Couple extra rolls of paper towels and a chill attitude. Just sayin’.

What have you added to your kitchen to help the kids cook?