Thankful Thursday – Whole Foods Market Sauganash


This Thankful Thursday post is a bit belated, but we are thankful nonetheless!

We started partnering with Whole Foods Market Sauganash in 2010 with our original garden.

This year we were honored to be part of a 5% Day this spring at the store. That means that 5% of all purchases for that day went to our organization… prior to that day, Xan and I spent an afternoon at the store educating shoppers on our mission and who we were. The 5% day itself, Lindsay was at the store saying thank you and drumming up interest. Many of our gardeners made special trips that Thursday to stock up on pantry essentials to help up the total (THANK YOU!). Our 5% Day brought it almost $4,000! 

In addition to the 5% Day, we were also part of the One Dime at a Time program for the quarter where shoppers who brought their own bags were able to donate the bag credit to us.

Funds from both of these activities went to support our Grow2Give program which provides fresh produce to select food and nutrition programs in the neighborhoods where our gardens are located.

[Our goal for 2012 is to donate a (literal) ton of produce from the 50+ Grow2Give beds located throughout the four Pop-up Victory Gardens on the north side and the Edible Treasures Garden at the Field Museum.]

But the story doesn’t end there… the funds were amazing but we also had the pleasure of hosting the customer service team from the store for a day of service at one of our gardens (those are the smiley people at the top of this post).

These annual customer service events are key to training and morale for the Whole Foods Market Sauganash team. The great part about them working with us that (very hot) day is they got to see the 5% Day and the One Dime at a Time campaigns come full circle. So instead of internal programs being a theory, their day of service gave them the opportunity to see how their hard work and support trickle down to the community.

So next time you’re at Whole Foods Market Sauganash – say hi to the cashier or checker and say thank you! They support us but, more importantly, they know the hard work YOU put in – especially in this hot summer – to make a garden, and community, thrive.