Coffee in the Garden (Also, Free Cake)

It’s one of our bribes.

On Community Work Days, our volunteers are greeted with hot coffee from our Work Day sponsor, Metropolis Coffee.


But coffee has other applications in the garden. At many local roasters and coffee shops, you can pick up spent grounds to add to your compost pile or garden soil. Garden Manager Breanne Heath will be at the Edgewater Farmers Market to demonstrate the best way to incorporate coffee grounds into your soil as you amend it for end of season garden care. (Learn more about end-of-season gardening at What’s Happening at the Vedgewater site on Saturday at 11).

unnamed(Edgewater Farmers Market)

The coffee industry as a whole has been grappling with many of the same issues that motivate home and community food gardeners—a desire for safety, husbanding of resources, using traditional and sustainable practices, as well as food justice.

Metropolis as well as another coffee house, Sol Café, with whom PGP has a strong partnership, share our goals of justice, food security,and community inclusion. Sol Café hosted a wonderful coffee tasting last month at our Hello!Howard site and often accidentally hosts classes when we get rained out.

Metropolis states “Our coffee aesthetic is rooted in the belief that great coffee comes from a line of respect beginning with the farmers and their respect for their land. We, in turn, respect the farmers by paying fair prices for their harvest, and respect our customers by taking great care in the roasting and brewing our coffees, and in blending our teas. Respect is at the core of our coffee philosophy, and taste is paramount.

Metropolis will be at the Edgewater Farmers Market as well, for a nice cuppa on a chilly day!

Come to Vedgewater Garden and the Edgewater Farmers’ Market this Saturday, October 3, buy a cup of coffee from Metropolis, and learn about coffee and the garden.


Did we mention there will be cake? Come to the market for a free sample and the recipe for Chocolate Redline Espresso Garden Cake!

Learn how to make this and other baked goods at the Community Cooking School.